Gary Hecht Woodworking


This Newel post is representative of Gary Hecht’s woodwork. Elegant, deceptively simple, the sort of thing an untrained eye might gloss right over. Yet that clean, perfectly proportioned piece contains 54 separate intricately crafted parts, all serving a harmonious whole.

Though Gary Hecht Woodworking can (and does) handle large scale remodeling and restoration projects in Nyack, this type of precise craftsmanship is both where Gary’s heart lies and where his workmanship is most apparent.

Whether working on original
designs, from historical photographs, or matching existing woodwork, Gary Hecht Woodworking can give your project the quality workmanship it deserves. Gary works out of his own workshop in Nyack, where he has enough space to produce larger pieces while maintaining enough organization to accurately work smaller, more precise details.

Gary’s forte is one-of-a-kind detail, rendered in beautiful understated craftsmanship. This striking traditional Celtic detail on a
project in South Nyack epitomizes Gary Hecht’s blending of small yet telling details and the broader outlines of the project.